Family Photography – Tampa Bay, Florida

IK Photoart provides customized family photography services in home and on location in the Greater Tampa Bay area: Tampa, Clearwater, Dunedin, Largo, Seminole, St. Petersburg, and surrounding beaches.

There is a great story at the heart and soul of your family.

Let us help tell yours


Life was now fleeting. Can you feel it? All of a sudden you look up and it seems time has flown by.


This day will turn up to a faint memory someday. Do you remember how you met each other? The day you decided to stay together forever? The day you knew you will have a baby? A special day when your first child was born? And then, the time flew even faster…


You are definitely not alone!

Today, everyone has a smart phone, and snapping everyday moments creating  the visual family story. It is definitely very important to capture as many memories of your life as possible. So why hire a photographer?

Let me create keepsakes that are going to outlive you!

When your children and your children’s children see the images, they will know who they come from and what they are. You all are a part of the story.

Family  Photography Experience with IK Photoart

I prefer to photograph families on-location, whether it be at one of your favorite local parks, your backyard or even in your own living room! I have found that the images most families enjoy the most are the ones where they are relaxed and enjoying a moment in a place that is comfortable for them. Choose any location in the Greatest Tampa Bay that makes you feel good –  I’ll be there with you! Your photo session will be a relaxed, fun stroll through the location of your choice: a beach, a park or a downtown. I have all the equipment and expertise needed to create quality images in any conditions.

*Travel fee is required for photo session locations more than 20 miles away from zip code 33772.

Let’s talk of what matters the most for you!

Here are 5 reasons why you have to consider to invest in professional service:


  1. All family looks better together! Hiring a professional allows everyone to be in the family portrait. The true relationship and connection between the loved ones reveals when you just spend your time together, your favorite way. Even with the selfie stick, would you look your best and natural way while thinking about composition, background and lighting? A good photographer is able to capture you and your family BEING a family. A professional photographer has that necessary skill to  click on the shutter right at the moment when the essence of who you are revealed.
  2. High quality memories require a high quality equipment that enable the photographer to provide consistent results in any lighting condition.  And furthermore, it require to have the knowledge of how to use it. No camera or light has ever gotten together and produced a portrait session on their own! Even if you invested in a very good camera (highly recommended!), it takes years of learning and experience  to be able to conquer that night dawn and harsh day light.
  3.  After the images were captured, there is always some “room for improvement”. Here is when editing comes to place to turn each valuable picture to an art piece. A professional photographer can utilize different tools for this, and it’s not only Photoshop.
  4. Part of hiring a professional is about taking advantage of how they “see”. It’s a professional’s job is to bring their vision and artistry to each portrait session. You select and hire a photographer that has a common vision with you, so you family photos will look like seen through your eyes.
  5. Receiving guidance is very helpful when you feel uncomfortable on the other side of the camera.  An undeniable value of hiring a professional is that they have the experience of working with a wide variety of body and personality types in many types of scenarios. This allows you to relax and enjoy the experience, while your most cherished images are being created!

Together, we create family heirlooms, precious memories, and images that are truly timeless.